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The Project consists of one site with a nameplate capacity of 35MWdc / 30MWac. The site is divided into 19 PV blocks. Each block consist of one 1 E-house Emerson DC to AC inverter and one 34.5kV/385V step-up transformer. The site has approximately 127,278 PV modules, 2,400 rows of trackers with 120 tracker drive motors, 19 inverters, 19 inverter transformers and one switchgear line-up, with a single step-up transformer from 34.5kV to 138kV at interconnection to AE. The modules are mounted on a single-axis tracking whose main components include the following:
- Hot-dip galvanized steel structure (torque tube, rack, columns)
- Articulating drive joints and drive lines.
- Rotating gear (worm gear) and dry slide bearings.
- AC motor and electronic controller. Techincal 01Technical 02
Technical 03

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18580 FM 969
MANOR, TX 78633

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Email: info@webbervillesolar.com

Visitor agrees to abide by all instructions given by the representatives of Solar Farm and all rules of Solar Farm. However, while such representative may provide such instructions, Visitor shall remain liable for their own actions. Visitor also agrees to keep away from equipment of Solar Farm, including, but not limited to all panels, transformers, inverters, trackers and any and all electrical, mechanical, and technical components of Solar Farm. Visitor further agrees he/she will not sabotage, vandalize, spoil, litter or otherwise interfere with the operations of Solar Farm. The undersigned agrees to pay for any or all damages to any property or indemnities caused by the undersigned either negligently, willfully, or otherwise. If Visitor is a minor, he/she shall be accompanied by an adult, and the adult executing this release on behalf of the minor shall be responsible for the minor's conduct.